Now you can search Robinson Cemetery to locate loved ones.

From the Search Cemetery tab youcan select Cemetery Database to search for loved ones by name or grave number, and find grave sites on the cemetery map.  It may be helpful to print this page before you begin your search!

  • The Cemetery Database tab will take you directly to the Cryptkeeper Database.
  • Select Search ,View Map or View All Images.  You may search the data base by name or grave site location.  You may also view the cemetery map and grave marker images.  NOTE:  The map takes a few moments to fully load.
  • When searching for family or friend names you can use all or part of a name or maiden names.   Search results will find all matches from sale and interment records.
  • All matching results will be displayed in a list. To view a specific record, click the blue VIEW word in the Action column.  All known information will be displayed.
  • If complete dates, (month, day) are not known, January 1st is the default date used in the database.  If you have complete date information for a loved one, please let us know by sending an email to the address below.

 Searching the Cemetery Map

  • The map is laid out in standard map orientation with North being at the top of the map. Grave sites are designated by an alpha row (A-J), section, block, and grave number.  For example: A-1, 2, 3 is located in row A, section 1, block 2, grave 3.  
  • Move your cursor over the map to show grave site location, interred and purchaser information.  Click on a grave site to view all known and recorded information.
  • Rows A-J are from left to right.  Sections K and L are located at the bottom of the map from left to right
  • Grave sites are color-coded according to the legend at the top of the map.
  • To leave the map and return to the Search page, click the Return button at the top of the page.

Information Missing or Incomplete? 

  • If you have information on a loved one or friend to include, please send information to:  Lori Kalous     email: